MYO Approvals

MYO slot approvals

Step 1: Find your MYO slot

Find the MYO Slot you want to use.

  • ranebopets > Characters > My MYO Slots
  • [your username] > profile > MYO Slots
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Step 2: begin submitting

  1. Click Submit MYO Design in the left sidebar to access the MYO Approval Request page.
  2. Click Create Request.
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Step 3: Filling out the form

At the top of the page you will see five tabs; Status, Comments, Masterlist Image, Add-ons, and Traits. Please make sure to hit Save at the bottom of the page after every stepThe red X at the top will change to a green O when everything is filled out!

1. Status

This tab shows the status of your request. We'll come back to this later!


This section is for any additional notes about your MYO design that you feel are necessary. If you don't have anything to add, simply put None or N/A into this section.

3. Masterlist image
  1. Upload your updated design image. ranebopets does not generate watermarks for you, so if you would like your Masterlist Image to be watermarked, please create a watermarked version yourself for upload!
    • Note: all image updates require a new thumbnail. You can upload a custom thumbnail image or use the Image Cropper to create one from your uploaded Masterlist Image. The thumbnail MUST be of your ranebopet.
  2. Credit the designer(s) of your MYO. You must list all designers; you can list multiple designers by using the + button to the right of the Designer URL field.
    • If the designer is Yourself or another onsite user select them from the dropdown and leave the "Designer URL" field blank
    • If the designer is offsite, link them in the "Designer URL" field.
  3. Credit the artist of the Masterlist Image. You can list multiple artists by using the + button to the right of the Artist URL field.
    • If the artist is Yourself or another onsite user select them from the dropdown and leave the "Artist URL" field blank
    • If the artist is offsite, link them in the "Artist URL" field.
4. Add-Ons

This section is where you will select all of the items you are using for your MYO design, if you are adding additional traits that are not included with your MYO Slot. It may be easier to complete this tab after you have completed the Traits tab!

Under Your Inventory, select all the necessary items for the additional traits you are adding to your MYO design. If you are having trouble, you can Filter your inventory by category! 

5. Traits

If you are only using the default traits that come with your MYO slot, you do not need to fill out this tab—check that all the information is correct, and save. If you are adding additional traits, you will need to add them here.

To add new traits:

  1. Click Add Trait.
  2. In the Traits dropdown menu, type in all or part of the trait name to search for it. Click the appropriate trait when you find it in the list.
    • Note: You must include all exact traits you are using. Do not use a "+1 [rarity] trait" trait listing! All traits have their own listing; these generalized traits are used for MYO slots with special additions.
  3. Repeat this for every new trait you are adding to this character.

The approving moderator will change the Character Rarity if needed after approval.

If you are using an item like the Betrayal of Halcyon potion or the Trabbowl potion to change a character's subspecies,  go to Species Subtype and select the subspecies from that dropdown. Otherwise, do not change the Species Subtype!

6. StatuS (Again)

If you have properly filled out the other four sections and saved them as you went, you can now submit your redesign! Click Submit Request at the bottom of this page to send this to the admin queue for approval!



Q: Can I upload my design to if it hasn't been approved yet?

Ranebopets are ONLY allowed to be uploaded to and other sites if they have wording in their title and tags that clearly states they are unofficial or not yet approved ie "unofficial" "not yet approved". Not following these rules may result in a warning. Trading these entries to other users as though they were officially approved ranebopets is considered scamming and will result in further action. 

Q: I don't see X trait! where did it go?

If a certain trait is missing, it may have a different name or not be added! Please look through the [Trait encylopedia] for the trait! If you believe a trait is missing from our database please Note the Ranebopets DeviantART group or ask in the discord #help chat.

Q: Why was my MYO denied?

If your MYO was denied, make sure you read the moderator comments. You may need to make edits to your design. If no rejection message was included, please contact the moderator via deviantART or Discord!