General Art Claims

General art is any art you make of a ranebopet that is not for a prompt. You may ONLY claim rewards on a piece once- No double dipping submissions!


General Art & Claims

General Art or Writing is any ranebopet-related piece that is not a prompt -  gift art, character art, etc. Submit general art & writing through Claims to earn currency.  How much are things worth?

Rule #1: You can't submit lineart or sketches alone for currency! Art must at least have color or value (at least 3 distinct tones minimum) for it to count for currency, unless it's part of a prompt that allows it. Limited palette art also counts for colored art.

What you CAN'T claim on...
  • You can't claim on things twice (No submitting art for a Prompt claim and then a General claim!)
  • You can't claim on the FIRST masterlist drawing of a MYO ranebopet as this is part of the requirement to make them official. Later masterlist art for the same character can be claimed for TC, however.
  • Art you commissioned, but did not draw yourself. 
  • On-base art:
    • If the base is your own original base, you may only claim on it ONCE.
    • You can't claim TC on art you've made on someone else's base.

What you CAN claim on...

  • Giftart, Commissioned art, or art trades that you drew
  • Any art featuring at least one canon ranebopet 
  • Art of familiars, but you must own the familiar in your inventory to claim on it.

Walkthrough: Submit a claim (click to expand)
Step 1: In your navbar, open the New Claim page by going to submit > submit claim.
Then, fill out the info:
1.Submission URL: Link the art or writing you completed.

2.Comments: If you have any other comments or notes about this claim, put them here. 

Add a Scoring breakdown for your piece. This is a list of what you're claiming currency on.
Example of a scoring breakdown:
8TC Lv2 background

2TC ranebopet fullbody

1TC hatchling fullbody

=11TC total

Step 2: Claim Your Rewards
In the Rewards section, use the Add Reward button to add as many rows as you require.  You can always use the Remove button to delete any rows you don't need later! Under Reward Type, select Currency and Tessary coins (TC) as your reward.  (Event currency cannot be claimed with general art!)
Enter the Quantity you are claiming. Please make sure that these numbers are correct!
Submit! You're done! You will receive a notification when your claim has been processed.



Claims F.A.Q

Why was my claim denied?
If your claim was denied, make sure you read the moderator comments. You may need to make edits to your artwork or reward claims, or you may have submitted something that was already claimed. If no rejection message was included, please contact the moderator via deviantART or Discord!
Can I make multiple claims at once?
You can submit multiple as long as they're compiled under the same link- in one image, in a folder, etc. Otherwise, wou will have to submit a new claim for each link!
Do the colors of my character have to be exact?

No! The colors don't need to be exact and you have full artistic freedom, so long as we can tell it's your character. You can use limited palettes or color monochromatically if you wish.