Species conversions 2021

Created: 27 December 2020, 02:07:25 EST
Last updated: 27 December 2020, 20:47:16 EST

How to convert your designed pouflon or vespire to another ranebopets species

1. Choose a new species you'd like to convert the character to from This List.

2. Give it traits that match its existing trait rarities. Traits that can be converted directly must stay the same, like Enchanted and Event traits (ie. bioluminesence, clover coat)

For example, if your pouflon had a rare trait, you can give its new converted form a rare trait from its species list.
If the pouflon had a trait its new species form can't use, you can get that trait converted to an item.
ranebopets species traits are listed on their individual species pages here.

3. Create Art of the character's new species conversion.
You must keep the same general design (unless you are adding on a design edit spell) but their markings can be shifted around a bit to look right on their new body.

3. Submit a design update on ranebopets  (go to the character>design updates on the lefthand menu)
- Change the species in the traits tab 
- Change any species specific traits the character may have
- List out any traits that need to be converted to an item so we can give you that item.
-if you have it, link us the ML for your pouf on play.pouflons.com so we can delete the entry

^^Where the update design is.^^


Q: Can I add on new features by adding new trait spells from my inventory? 
Yes you can!

Q: Can I change their design with a design edit spell added from my inventory? 
Yes, you can do that too!

Q: Can I keep their new converted species form AND their pouf/vesp form?
No you cannot, unless you have an existing MYO slot you can use.