Claim (#7783) Approved

1 January 2022, 20:39:35 EST (4 months ago)
2 January 2022, 01:49:44 EST (4 months ago) by AlphaDargon


Bust x 3 - 3 TC
Level 1 Background x 2 - 8 TC
Tier 1 Animation - 4 TC
Total - 15 TC"

yeah this is kinda a weird drawing. tbh it's an au drawing but it's not really canon to the au anymore. Cocoa (the one who looks like an NFT) is supposed to have a loading animation on her but it's frozen when I view it on my browser so... if it's frozen on your end too hmu in the discord and I'll send you the gif. tbh looking back on it I understand if you give me 11 rc instead of 15


Reward Amount
Ranebo Coins 11



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HimejoshiHeart's Bank

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