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[Open] BIPOC Guest Artist Adopt Batch!

Posted 2 weeks ago :: Last edited 1 week ago by Joyful

Hello everyone!! Hope you all are having a wonderful Pride Month. We have this lovely batch of Guest Designs from BIPOC members in our community. 100% of the profits will go to directly to their guest artist! This includes designs by:


FCFS, comment to claim

Grumpy Sunset - $50 - OPEN
Species: Sugarkit
Traits: XL Tail, Snix Paint, Sprout

Mischievous Sunrise - $100 - CLOSED
Species: Batnix
Traits: Living Part x2 (Snake Tail + Grabby Ears), Snix Paint, Eclipse Eyes, Snix Neck Ruff

Raspberry Ripple - $75 - OPEN
Species: Delta Irribask
Traits: Irri Horns, Small Raiment (Ring), Irri XL Tail, Irri Fingerless

Strawberry Yogurt - $80 - OPEN
Species: Sugarnix
Traits: Snix Spark, Pouch, Long Whiskers

Little Munchkin - $50 - OPEN
Species: Capip
Traits: Dream Affinity (Stars), Cloud Summon, Bioluminescence

Sunwave Tropicana - $100 - OPEN
Species: Dragoon Draphibi
Traits: Plant Affinity (Leaves), Draphibi Big Wings, Draphibi Long Tail, Shedding (Leaves)

[Closed] Eggster MYSTERY Guest Eggs

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OOPS, ALL HATCHLINGS! Eggs include draphibi, bokkudo, bettabo, bakiri, bunbii, mantabu, cappari and sugarnix. Each egg contains ONE hatchling with traits, and NO 3-color rule. The traits range from uncommon to enchanted with many having eggster event traits such as magic paint, edible, and chameleon patch.
This batch is Cash only! $45 for random roll and $55 for choice roll. these are FCFS, they will be rolled in order of claim!

A smaller RC egg batch (55 or 60rc per egg) will be posted on the 30th! This will NOT be fcfs and will be an RC flatsale raffle, prioritising those who did not get cash eggs.
Our incredible guest artists who made designs for this batch...
  • jadestardust
  • gizzle
  • usaretam
  • visiface
  • colonelstrawberry
  • mocharune
  • handhelld
  • chickolates
  • blububu
  • Kyu


1. Egg claims Here!!
2. Want a second egg? Go  Here!

[Closed] RC Egg Flatsale Raffle

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Hello everyone! Here is the promised RC Egg batch!!

This batch of eggs are all hatchlings too, by these lovely designers!



-There will be two raffle comments. One is for those who did NOT buy a USD Egg from the last batch, and the second one is for everyone to enter! The first raffle is for eggs 1-5, and the second is for eggs 6-10!

-You can only win ONE egg overall. You cannot win more than one, even if you enter both raffles.

-Each egg is 70 RC, which you pay if you win! If you intend to buy RC with USD if you win, please mention that in your comment!

-What egg you get will be randomized too! You don't get to pick. 

-These hatchlings will have no cooldown, so they can be traded/swapped immediately. 

-This will be open for 24 hours to give ample time for people to enter! 





[Open] Early Claim: april

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Week 4! View the adopts at the $10+ ko-fi tiers here!

PREVIEW MODE! comments open 1h from now at 10pm EDT
Sugarkiri (sugarnix bakiri hybrid hatchlings) $75 ea

A - Stripes
B - Neko
C - Moonflow (bioluminesence trait) 

[Closed] Weekly adopts sept week 2

Posted 9 months ago :: Last edited 3 months ago by marshmu

This week's adopts are OFFBASE Bokkudo! All unique art! (September week 1 adopts weren't posted, I will post it as catchup later this month!)

All open, comment to claim! (if an adopt is claimed twice in the same minute it will be randomly rolled between the two claimers!)

UPDATE all of these designs have been moved to the ko-fi shop:

a - Flower fields - Adult (EC length antennae) -- $65 - Claimed

b- Berry Pop - hatchling -- $35

c - Mint Surprise - Common adult -- $65

d - Ocean Eyes - adult (UC blackout eyes, UC dragonfly tail) -- $65

e-  Sleepy Spider - adult (Event Bokkudo Spider trait) -- $80 - Claimed

[Open] Wishcave rebases OPEN

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Get your wishcave baby drawn on an adult base! These rebases are only open for the 2022 wishcave babies. You can get one for yourself, a friend, etc! Comment below to claim, payment via paypal. Set prices are below and add $4 if your species is not on the sketchpage!

10 slots available.


adult form rebases

Group 1 Species - $36 (Draphibi, bettabo, bokkudo, trabble)
All other species & hybrids $48

Baby nix rebase bc I did one batch as adults accidentally - $36 ea

Here are the sketches for the ones I've drawn! If yours is not here I will make a new base, it is +$4ea!

[Open] Feb Week 1 Adopts: Mantanix Hybrids

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fullsize image

I'm proud to present our very first hybrids for the month!! :D These Mantanix have a bunch of traits, some legendary! Payment plans are available. $10 supporters on Ko-Fi got to see these adopts early (and 10rc!) ! Every week I'll be posting new hybrid adopts so if you want early access, consider becoming a supporter!

If the same adopt is claimed by two people at the same timestamp, a lottery will be drawn between the two to determine who gets it.


February week 1
Current adopts:
 Mantabu x Nixten Hybrids

Prices in USD via paypal! Payment plans OK, $85 deposit & pay off rest before end of feb. 

1. Aloof Leopard $200 -OPEN -  Legend Nix dragon whiskers, EC shedding: snow, Nix bushy tail & neck ruff, Mantabu XL wings & antennae

2. Sunny Python $185 - CLOSED - Shedding: Petals, Mantabu XL wings & antennae

3. Grumpy Dragon $215 - CLOSED - Nix scales, shark fin, imp tail, vampire teeth, Mantabu catfish whiskers, XL wings & antennae

[Open] Hybrid Feb Week 3 Adopts: OPEN

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Welcome to week #3 of february, this week we have Bettabo-draphibi Hybrids all inspired by different frog species.

$85 ea

1. Blue Dart OPEN

2. Green Bell - closed

3. Red Tomato OPEN

[Open] December week 2 adopts

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preview mode! comments open at 7.30pm EST!

Want to claim early next time? Join my ko-fi at $10+ tiers HERE!

December week 2
Current adopts:
Prices in USD via paypal!

1. Sherbert $65 - taken

2. Chipmunk $65 - Open

3. Melon $70 - taken



[Open] Hattowen Flatsale Adopts ROUND 2!

Posted 8 months ago :: Last edited 8 months ago by Joyful

Adopts are posted on deviantart HERE! 

These flatsales are in PREVIEW MODE until 9pm ET ( a half hour from now!)

Paypal USD only.