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Temporary Cloventines Shop open!

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good day to all of you folks!

This is a bit of a smaller announcement! We will most likely not be holding a formal Cloventine's this year, unfortunately, but we still have a shop set up so you can buy items that would normally be available during the event!

check out the cloventine's mini shop here!


We actually have some potentially big changes happening behind the scenes so we've been busy discussing those and dealing with IRL stuff! We'll be sure to have an announcement if anything major, other than major events, take place!

Thank you for your patience!

Halcidays 2023

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259-image.pnggood day and happy halcidays!259-image.png

Welcome to Halcidays! What started as a holiday for Cappari to celebrate Halcyon became a Ranebo-wide event to celebrate love in all its forms.
Here’s what you can do during this month….


We have 4 Halcidays prompts for you to do and get the Halcidays badge from!

Check out the Halcidays prompts here! (You'll have to scroll down for the other 2.)

Doing the Halcidays prompts will award you the Halcidays badge which allows you to access the Halcidays shop here!
The Halcidays shop has a couple of familiars, trait items, and baby MYOs that are not available in the standard MYO shop!

One of our Halcidays prompts has a raffle associated with it and the raffle allows the chance to win the following awards:
- Grubii MYO
- Capip MYO
- Buppy MYO
- Angel Wings Spell
- 30 RC

- The Capip below!

UPDATE: We've extended the event by another week! Halcidays will end March 8th and the shop will close on the 12th.

THE RAFFLE HAS BEEN PULLED!! Congrats to our winners: Daffodil_Vanity, TenshiiMisha, Dicti-tm, gannetking, Zombugz, and Ringo-Zebra! The winners will be contacted in the order of the pulls! Thanks so much for participating in this year's Halcidays! <3

The awards have been sent out, but please let staff know if you have not received them!

We apologize for our delay in getting this announcement out and hope this doesn't hinder your chance to participate in our mini Halcidays event!

12 Days of Chumbus Scavenger Hunt

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good day and happy holidays once again!

did you hear? some of the great chumbus's friends have gone and hidden some gifts for you to find!
Welcome to this year's Chumbus surprise!

We will be hosting a scavenger hunt that will begin tomorrow (December 19th)!

However, unlike our previous scavenger hunts, this one will run a little differently!

Every day, for the 12 Days of Chumbus, a new target will be added and hidden throughout the site, but they will not be removed the day after they're added! Instead, the targets will expire when the 12 days are over! This will give folks, who may miss a day because of the holidays, a chance to pick up these scavenger hunt rewards still.

However, this also means you will not be able to pick them up once the 12 days are over (December 31st) even if you find any targets you didn't find before.

The only days exempt from this "12-day" rule are the raffle days! On these days, you will only have 24 hours to find the target which will lead to a secret page that gives instructions on how to get a raffle ticket for that day's raffle. After 24 hours, the raffle will be pulled and folks will no longer be able to get the ticket!

Targets can be hidden on any page, EXCEPT for member profiles, Masterlist entries, or things like submissions. This means places like the Encyclopedia, Shops, prompts, etc are all valid hiding spots! You are free to discuss target locations privately, but do not give hints or publicly disclose locations!

This news post will be updated every day of the 12 days to reflect which day of Chumbus targets have been added to the site! (And other additional info if needed)

Scavenger Hunt Page

Day 2 - OUT!
Day 3 - OUT!
Day 4 - OUT
Day 5 - OUT!
Day 7 - OUT!
Day 8 - OUT!
Day 9 - OUT!
Day 10 - OUT!
Day 11 - OUT!
Day 12 - MOD ADOPTS (no scavenger hunt target for this day!)

Click here for Scavenger Hunt Hints

Day 1 - Wanting to make another friend? You'll need to buy a special item!

Day 2 - I need a little help on how gallery submissions work…

Day 3 - You only get gifts if you’ve been a good Cappari this year!

Day 4 - Where you can go to ask questions outside of the Discord server.

Day 5 - I can be your angle or yuor devil

Day 6 - Look at my bright pink ticket!

Day 7 - I wonder what Ranebopets is about?

Day 8 - How do I craft this Hattowen accessory?

Day 9 - I just got a neat backpack badge! How did this sack get in here…

Day 10 - Looking at these drawings from fun events fill me with joy!

Day 11 - Let’s give some acknowledgments to the people who provide extras for Lorekeeper!

Chumbus 2022!

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good day and happy holidays everyone!

welcome to this year's chumbus event!


We're going to have another laidback Chumbus event due to some of our staff being busy and dealing with personal things. We would have loved to have a bigger Chumbus event this year but alas life has been troubling for some of our folks recently!! We thank you for your understanding and patience, but nonetheless, we still have some things prepared for you folks to get into the Chumbus mood!

As usual, we have some Chumbus prompts for you to tackle and enjoy!
we also have the chumbus shop open for event exclusive items!

Unfortunately no Chumbus exclusive travel tokens or recipes this year! But who knows? Maybe the Great Chumbus will bless your regular travel tokens this year?

Once you've completed 2 Chumbus prompts, you can also send in a claim for the Chumbus badge!

You may (or may not) have noticed that the event shop items and prompt awards are in RC rather than EC. This is intentional since the event had such a late start, and because we also took into consideration that people tend to be busier this holiday season. We wanted more people to have a chance to be able to purchase the event shop items and not be pressured into drawing for the limited time EC!

Other than the Chumbus prompts and event shop, we have one more thing prepared for our players that will occur later this month!
We'll make another announcement when this is active so stay tuned! ;)


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Welcome to the drop of this year's Hattowen celebration!!!
We've got some great new stuff for this drop, including some new familiars, and ever a fun new prompt courtesy of our brilliant moderator @/seventhbard, so check them out come the drop on october 5th!




As always, we have a fun new event themed travel token for your hard earned energy, too! Say hello to the Macula's Manor token, and the returning Hallogrove token!

Both found in the crafting and exploring shop!


And don't forget to get your hands on some new SPOOKY variants of old friends...


Or even get to know some new ones too!


our Hattowen Schedule is as shown below!

Hattowen 2022 Calender

Sunnyfest 2022 Wrap-up!

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Hello all! 

Thank you all so much for participating in this year's sunnyfest! The sand castle contest prompt's prizes have been rolled, and you can find the winners HERE!

Just a friendly reminder to get any EC spent or converted with RC converters (found in the Sunnyfest Shop) before the end of the 5th of august! All EC not spent or converted by the end of this date will be wiped from the site! 

We look forward to seeing you for more events in the future!

Quick Sunnyfest Update!

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Back so soon, but coming at you with a fun new update!



First on the list, our new sunnyfest event travel tokens are now live!

Jump on into the ocean, or explore the sunny beaches with our new event tokens for Deep Sea and Tarza!


Buy them using your well saved daily energy here in the Craft and Explore Shop!

Within the deep sea also comes forth!


A new crafting ingredient, Flotsam! Used in the crafting recipies of the Leviathan Potion and the new craftable Mini Shark Spell, dive on in to collect some of this new material!

Make sure to stop by the recipe section of the Craft and Explore shop or the event shop, you might find some other new recipes to snap up and add to your collection!

ALSO, Welcome our newest familiar lines, the chompi and srimp!


88-image.png          91-image.png       89-image.png


You can find our rough and tumble little Chompi friends from exploring in the Tarza explore tokens, with the red/yellow varients being more common, and the rare and elusive GOLDEN Chompi being a rare 1% drop for those lucky enough to find them.

The blue Srimp, however, is well adapted to life within the deep sea, and can be a reward from the Deep Sea tokens! Some even say that the pink Srimp varient can be found when hunting for Ubras using an Ubra Trap, where there is a 9% chance you'll find one instead of your usual Ubra!

PLUS.... there seems to be a new varient of our old friend the Hermyte around in the Sunnyfest event shop, so don't forget to drop buy and snag one of these little snippers!


Happy Sunnyfest PARTYing everyone!


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Sunnyfest Banner

✦ Welcome to Sunnyfest! ✦

Sunnyfest 2022!  Returning from the Irre desert, we're now back in full force within the beaches of the Southern Isles for a massive ocean side party palooza!

Complete Prompts


This event has seven prompts to complete! Will you catch some familiars, send a post card home, or maybe join the fight against the kaiju invasion?

After completing 2 Sunnyfest prompts, remember to claim the sunnyfest badge!

View the prompts!


Explore + Craft


With this event, comes two new places for you to explore with two new event tokens, Tarza and Deep Sea, brought from the Explore Shop using energy!


Collect Your Daily Energy!




Using the EC you gain from your event prompt completions, head on over to the limited time Sunnyfest event shop, filled with event trait spells and potions galore!

Come Explore The Shop!

More Info!

With such a large event, we have some new event mechanics to touch on and refresh your memory on the old ones!

  • Energy: Energy is a type of currency you can claim all year round, but comes in handy especially during events! Here is a run down of what energy can be used for during Sunnyfest!
    • Purchasing limited time travel tokens: For the duration of the event, two new travel tokens will be implimented featuring new crafting items, dropping soon. [ Buy them here!
      • Travel tokens that are obtainable year round (Adriff, Honeycrest, and Karramesh) are still purchasable too! 
    • Crafting: Recipes for the event use energy as an ingredient!  Recipies are purchasable from the Sunnyfest event shop for EC, and require both crafting ingredients and energy, so check what tokens might drop the ingredients you would need!
  • Event Currency Refresher:
    • Event currency (EC) is only obtainable from completing the Sunnyfest prompts during the event! These prompts do not award TC, but only EC!
    • EC is not tradable between users. You must earn your own EC during the event!
    • At the end of the event, you will have to either spend your EC or convert it to TC before the shop closes! Any remaining EC will be wiped your bank! (The shop will close on August 5th 11:59pm)

Eggster 2022 Wrap-up + Guest Artist Design Reveal!

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Eggster Logo


Thank you all so much for this year's participation in Eggster! To wrap this up, we've got the Eggster egg guest artist reveals all lined up for you!

Guest Artist Reveal

And a link to both images separated from one another in higher quality can be found here!

As a final note for Eggster, The EC Shop will be closing on Thursday, May 5th at 11:59:59 PM EDT! Please be sure to get all your EC spent or converted to RC BEFORE this t ime, as ALL EC will be wiped from the site after the shop closes!

We hope to see you all for Sunnyfest!

Painted FlixiePainted GrobbyPainted Pleep

Eggster 2022 Egg Hunt Week 4!

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Eggster Logo

Peek at ueggeggeggeggegg290-image.pngegg

This weeks egg hunt is now up! It will remain up until tomorrow at 5PM EST, so 24 hours from now!

Eggs can be hidden anywhere on the site, except for Masterlist entries, individual gallery images, and Member's user profiles! You are free to discuss egg locations privately, but do not give hints or publicly disclose locations!

To view this scavenger hunt and see your progress, click here:

This week's hints: 

Egg 1
There sure is a lot of helpful answers in this guide!

Egg 2
Hatchlings sure can be naughty, huh?

Egg 3
You'll need a bug net to catch this bubble butt... I mean, bug!

Egg 4
There seems to be  a very sunny looking mantanix on this post...

Egg 5
What are these funky fusion critters, anyway?

And same as last week, there's a hidden meme egg lurking about! If you happen to find an egg with a crack in it, it might just be Chester playing pranks....

Peek at ueggeggeggeggegg290-image.pngegg