Final Abyss Chapter 3

✦ Chapter Three ✦

You solved the second clue!

Your journey has reached its end, and you have reached the Final Abyss. You stand on the black-sand precipice, peering down into the gaping maw between two vertical obsidian cliffs. You hesitate and remember the old man’s warning you received about those who didn’t return, and the look of loss in his eyes as he said it. If you go in, will you lose something, too?

But you’re here now, after all that walking...and you must make your choice. 

Turn back? | Venture on?

Prompt: Make a choice...

For this prompt, you must decide whether your ranebopet will Turn back or Venture on.
Depending on your choice, you will recieve different rewards from the prompt.

Click here to submit your prompt!

To submit the prompt, you will need to add-on two Map pieces! Click both the images below to claim them!
Lost Map Piece Lost Map Piece

✦ Finale? ✦

Something is lurking at the bottom of the abyss... stay tuned after sunnyfest ends to find out