Final Abyss Chapter 1

✦ Chapter one ✦

You arrive in the Irre desert, sunglasses on and ready for a relaxing time! As you step into Banderin port, a static rush fills your head. You feel like someone, or something, is speaking to you from very far away….but very close at the same time.

….“A̶̩͗b̴͖̍y̸̿ͅs̴̜̚s̵̼̎” ……

The feeling disappears as fast as it came. Must be the transition from boat to land, or something. Shaking your head, you push on to your destination. After all, you have a beach vacation to enjoy!

Later that night as you fall asleep, camped out under the stars, the voice returns in your dreams. It’s clearer now, easier to hear without the static. “Follow me…..find me… meet me in a…...a…….” But the static comes back, drowning out the final words. You awake with a jolt and after the static leaves, an objective has formed in your head. There’s something you must find.

Blue insect shows you the way. X will mark the spot. You will be prompted to Meet this bug somewhere familiar. "

Prompt: Draw your ranebopet arriving in the irre desert!

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✦ Chapter Two ✦

You will need to find chapter 2 yourself! Maybe you'll find a hint in the story...