How to Submit Prompts

Created: 2 April 2020, 22:23:29 EDT
Last updated: 27 April 2020, 02:33:20 EDT

What are Prompts? Prompts are themed submissions with set requirements. All prompts: here.
See How To Submit Claims  for any art/writing that is not a prompt!

  • You can only claim rewards on a piece of art/writing once! No double-dipping.
  • You cannot combine prompts (doing two prompts with a single piece of artwork)
  • Hatchlings can only do Hatchling Prompts unless otherwise stated.

Submitting Prompts: Step 1

Go to submit > submit prompt [Here]




Step 2

Fill out the info:

  1. Prompt: Select the right prompt.

  2. Submission URL: Link the art or writing you completed.

  3. Comments: Include any additional links (thumbnails, moodboards, other linked prompts for affinity quest claims)

    Add a Scoring breakdown for your piece. This is a list of what you're claiming, and any bonuses.
    • Example of a scoring breakdown:

8 TC base reward
+ 2 TC for extra fullbody adult
+3 TC for thumbnails




Step 3: Claiming bonuses

If you have not completed any bonuses, skip this step and submit your prompt.
Some prompts have bonuses - you can find these on the prompt's page.

1.    List your bonuses in your scoring breakdown 
2.    Click Add Reward. Select the reward type as Currency, the reward as Tessary coins* and then type the bonus TC you have earned.

*If you are completing bonuses for an event prompt such as cloventines or hattoween, pick Event Currency

ONLY put your bonus TC, not the base prompt amount. 
Example: You're claiming a 3TC bonus on a 10tc prompt, so you put 3tc in the add reward - NOT 13tc.
Once all this is done, submit your prompt!

Example: Completed Submission

Below is an example submission!





Q: My prompt was denied! What can i do?

If your prompt has been rejected, there is no need to worry! When a staff member rejects a prompt, they will explain why it was rejected, and you will need to edit your art to meet the requirements of the prompt. 

Q: A prompt went missing?

Certain prompts have deadlines, typically if theyre for an event such as cloventines or hattoween. Unfortunately, if you do not submit a prompt before the deadline, you cannot claim the prompt rewards, though you can still submit your art as a General Art claim.

Q: I'm not sure how much Bonus TC I earned

If you aren't sure how much Bonus TC you earned for a particular submission, feel free to ask a mod in the ranebopets discord for help!

Q: If i completed X number of different prompts, can i submit them together?

Sorry! For each prompt you do, you will have to individually submit each one. Even if you do the same prompt three times, you will have to submit each one individually. If you have uploaded all of your prompts as a batch, you can use the same link for each prompt submission. Just be sure to clarify which images goes with each submission.
[ Example of multiple images in a batch for clarification ]