Starter Hatchling guide

Created: 20 April 2020, 04:48:34 EDT
Last updated: 27 April 2020, 03:33:37 EDT


Step 1 

Get your golden ticket: >> MYO shop<<<.

Step 2

Submit a new claim with this form:

URL: (just put a dot here . )
Requesting: (pick a species - draphibi, bokkudo, bettabo, trabble)
Using: Starter hatchling ticket

(do not add a reward to your claim)

Toggle Spoiler
When your claim's approved you'll recieve a hatchling MYO slot! you can view it under home>my MYO slots. Hatchling slots are not tradeable.  (If you don't have the  green FTO stamp on your profile your request will be rejected.)

Step 3

Design your hatchling! Follow the hatchling design guide to correctly design your hatchling.

Step 4

Submit your hatchling!
Once your hatchling is approved, it will get a masterlist entry, and you can now use it in the hatchling prompts! Congrats!

Please note you cannot trade a hatchling or use any trait spells on them until they are grown.

Step 5

Grow your hatchling! This is optional, and you can do it later. When you grow up your hatchling you are free to do things like...

  • use trait spells on your character
  • do prompts & affinities with them
  • trade them

>> Growing Guide <<