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If you would like to volunteer your ranebopets to be paired with for the breeding event, Comment below with a link to your ranebopets' ML entries! No hatchlings, and you can only volunteer rpets YOU own!

This does not give you a free baby. It just means someone can choose your pet to pair with theirs if they are getting a breed slot. The offspring produced will take inspiration & traits from the two parents involved in the breeding. 



GreenCharisard Avatar

This post was brought to you by the letter Y

edit: missunderstoood this post, still, have a bab to be paired with https://www.ranebopets.com/character/Trb-118

2021-02-21 04:40:29 (Edited 2021-02-21 05:12:27)

ErmineLeader Avatar

Any of my non-hatchlings are open for breeding

2021-02-21 03:45:32

Kali Avatar

Offering any of mine to be used (:

2021-02-21 03:31:41

Jarre Avatar

For the heck of it, here's Dreamland if any of y'all want a chance at spacey-themed babies! https://ranebopets.com/character/Bun-034

2021-02-21 02:45:34

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