Volunteer Breedings

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If you would like to volunteer your ranebopets to be paired with for the breeding event, Comment below with a link to your ranebopets' ML entries! No hatchlings, and you can only volunteer rpets YOU own!

This does not give you a free baby. It just means someone can choose your pet to pair with theirs if they are getting a breed slot. The offspring produced will take inspiration & traits from the two parents involved in the breeding. 



Kaleidobyte Avatar

I think this lady could have some interesting babies!

2021-02-21 12:26:56

DiMono Avatar

All of my adult ranebos are available ^^ https://ranebopets.com/user/DiMono/characters

2021-02-21 12:17:04

Clara Avatar

I can offer this lady: https://ranebopets.com/character/Trb-053

and this boy: https://ranebopets.com/character/Bak-007

2021-02-21 11:47:14

missingmyriad Avatar

Hey i have lady if anyone would like uwu


2021-02-21 07:28:06

Teese Avatar

Rave and Melody are available for use:


2021-02-21 07:10:44

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