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Hallogrove Passage

Ends: 24 October 2020, 23:59:59 EDT (5 days from now)

Draw your character passing through Hallogrove. This enters you in a raffle!


Hallogrove is a dark, swampy forest along the Boreli river. [Map] Each year during Hattowen, daring types from buzzdew challenge each other to make the frightening passage through its depths during the chilly nights of Hattowen.

Draw your character at Hallogrove! Are they bravely beginning their passage through, halfway through, or scared out of their wits and racing to get out? What do they find at the end, and do they make it out safely? 

This is a draw-to-enter raffle - enter with your prompt submission to earn EC and a raffle ticket, then see if your character "wins the race" to earn prizes! On the 25th, all Hallogrove Passage raffle will be drawn to determine who won! This Prompt/event can be entered once per user.



Minimum Requirements:  Fullbody or mostly fullbody + Background
Base Reward: EC Reward**  + Hallogrove passage Raffle ticket

**The EC reward is calculated based on your submission [See here]. 


Requirements: 900-1200 words
Base Reward: EC Reward**  + Hallogrove passage Raffle ticket


Reward Amount
Hallogrove Passage (Raffle Ticket) 1
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