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21 October 2020 (10 months ago)

I'm an artist who is finally getting back into making art after not really drawing much the last several years. I'm using RaneboPets as another source of motivation to keep drawing. It's really been working so far since I've drawn more since I joined here than I had the past several years put together.

My current goal is to get a Mantabu. EDIT: I Got Her!! I Love Her!

I love playing video games, listening to music, watching YouTube (mostly gaming channels), cuddling with my pets, taking pictures, and going on adventures (of which I have had far too few).

I am learning Japanese, website coding, and how to be healthier. I also own a violin that I will one day learn how to play.

I am Teeze (with a Z, not an S) on ChickenSmoothie where I have quite a bit of my art including a lot of my most recent drawings.

I have two deviantArt accounts. Both accounts have a link to the other one in the about section of it.

I finally got a toyhou.se. I'm Teeze there as well.


I am GreywaterAlley #8174 on Discord



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