Item Categories

Retired items

These items can no longer be obtained, and some are unusable within the group.

Design Editing Items

These items allow you to change your character's design.

Familiar boxes

These items can be opened to grant you a pet/familiar!

<a href=" MYO tickets" class="display-category">Starter MYO tickets</a>

Starter MYO tickets

These tickets can be used by FTOS (first time owners, users who haven't owned a ranebopet before)

Crafting Items

Items you can use to craft into new things.


Characters can own items in this category!

Wearable accessories for your ranebopets.

<a href=" boxes" class="display-category">Recipe boxes</a>

Recipe boxes

These small magic tags are openable and give you recipes. You can get these at the DIY shop! You only need to buy a recipe key once. 

Some recipe keys can only be obtained during events.

silver - normal

gold - event (recurring)

other - special (non-recurring)

<a href=" Items" class="display-category">Explore Items</a>

Explore Items

These items are a part of the Explore system.

Tokens allow you to explore for objects in different areas across ranebo. (they are surprise boxes that give you a random item from a themed area)

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