Prompt Categories

Monthly+Featured Prompts

Monthly prompts are available for a month- sometimes they even grant special items.
Featured prompts grant special bonuses for a 1-2 week period - check it here!

General Prompts

Challenge yourself with a range of fun art & writing prompts.

Discovery Prompts

These prompts let you gain access to certain species MYO's & items.

Affinity Quests

Affinity quests grant your character special elemental powers and features. These quests contains four prompts—in order to complete the quest, you must create a response for each prompt, four pieces in total, that tell a story together.

Skill Quests

Level up your character's skills - coming soon!

Hatchling Prompts

Just for hatchlings!

Familiar Prompts

Familiar prompts allow you to earn a familiar by doing prompts. You can also buy familiars in the shops.

Cloventines Prompts

Cloventine's is all about spring, fun, and appreciating friends!

14th April - Cloventines prompts end
16th April - EC shop closes

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