Bettabo Horns/Spines (Rare)

Category: Bettabo Traits
Species: Bettabo

Bettabo Horns/Spikes -  This Bettabo has Horns, horns, spikes, or ridges along its body. These can be any shape or size.

Applicable for Bettabo only.

Draphibi Spikes/Spines (Rare)

Category: Draphibi Traits
Species: Draphibi

Draphibi  Spikes / Spines - Allows your draphibi to have large spikes or spines along their body. These can be any size!

Applicable for Draphibi and Draphibi subtypes only.

Drajin Spines

Drajin Spines (Rare)

Category: Drajin Traits
Species: Drajin

Drajin  Spines - This drajin has spikes/spines that run along its back. Spines can go from the forehead to the tail. They can be on the head so long as they cannot be confused for multihorn or nose horn - ie a clear size or design difference between them, or spines being in a clearly connected ridge.

Applicable for Drajin only

Spines (Event)

Category: Event Traits

Spines - Adds back spines to your ranebopet.

Applicable for any species.

This trait is only obtainable from the Hattowen Angler potion

Irri Body Spines/Fur

Irri Body Spines/Fur (Uncommon)

Category: Irribask traits
Species: Irribask

Irribask Spines/Fur - Spines, spikes, or fur on body, limbs, tail (any styles)

Applicable for Irribask and Irribask subtypes only.

Nix Spikes/Spines (Legendary)

Species: Nixten

Nixten Spikes and Spines - This Nixten has Spikes or spines along its body. These can be located anywhere on their body and be of any size or shape.

Applicable for Nixten and Pedigree Nix only.

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